Why is there a cardboard tube in my fork? Where is the axle?

The cardboard tube that you see in your fork, as well as in the rear dropout of your bike, actually houses the thru-axle or skewer, and serves as protection during shipping.

Last Updated: March 29, 2024

The cardboard tube and the rear dropout have been placed there as a protective measure for shipping and are currently hiding your axles from you, so don’t throw them away! Simply remove them along with the axles from your bike and take the axles out of the cardboard tubes.

If your bike has threaded thru-axles, they'll slide right out of the tubes. However, if your bike has a skewer-style axle, you'll need to thread a nut off the end before the axle slides out. There will also be two springs that you don’t want to lose, as these go on either side of the axle when installed.

After successfully removing the axles from the tubes, feel free to discard them. Then, use the axles to install your wheels and enjoy your ride on your awesome new bike!

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